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   San Francisco RentNet.Org enables you to list house rentals, houses for rent, rent to own, lease purchase housing, duplex rentals, time share rentals, corporate rentals, option to buy rentals.

   To list your house rental, mouse over to the New Listing button, click it. Then, fill out the New Listing form completely, if you wish to put “blah” in a text box, then do so as every field needs to have something in it. Upon completion, press Post My Listing.  Suddenly, you will arrive at the Search Page.  Simply type in the first few letters of the city name of your listing and you will be able to view it.

   To View listings, mouse click the Search Page button on your left. Either type in a few characters or letters (eg: san) and then press the Search Button. A drill-down listing table will display.  Click on the Yellow box and details then appear. The Search Page enables you to search by city thus filtering the results.  You are not required to log in to search listings.

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